Buby The Stowaway

This Bubby story just happened just a few weeks ago, but it is sure to become a classic.

When Bubby was at Baycrest recently (a free upgrade from NYGH which was full that night), Amalia and I went to visit her.  Of course, we barely had to mention her name before every single employee on the floor, not to mention some of the other patients and their visitors began to gush about her.  Honestly, I felt like each social worker, pharmacist, and nurse was looking forward to their turn to visit Buby on whatever premise they could come up with.

Although she is grateful for and gracious about the care, the attention, and the hospital food (“Oh, you see? THIS is good food! You see this fish? Delicious!”), There are those lucky ones for whom Bubby reserves her most lavish attention. I was a little (just a bissel) miffed to find myself being introduced to my new cousin; someone Bubby called her  ‘granddaughter’ — a Polish nurse that Bubby had bonded with on the floor.

But that’s not the story.  That’s just context.

When Bubby had been admitted to Baycrest several nights before, she’d been assigned to a room with a Cougher.  The Cougher did her thing all night long and Bubby, who was expecting to recuperate in the hospital as opposed to lose more sleep, decided that this was not a suitable arrangement. So, always the one for practical solutions to simple problems,  she got up, took her pillow and blanket, and found some couch or stretcher to lie down on. There was some panic on the floor in the morning when everyone’s most beloved patient could not be found, but eventually Bubby was found and awakened by a very relieved nurse.

I asked her to show me exactly where it was that she’d located to but she forgot to point it out to me on our subsequent walk around the floor.  A walk that was interrupted every few steps by “Oh Mrs. Wolf, I’ve been meaning to speak to you!” “Mrs Wolf, my favourite patient! How are you today?”

Buby: “Okay, okay, I am okay!”

Buby gave us a tour of the hospital floor.  She showed us all the beautiful artwork on the wall and pointed out her favourites.  I have heard Bubby complain about things. But only things that deserve being complained about.

We were very proud that, of all the patients on the floor that day, Bubby is our Bubby. And I pray to God that I and my kids inherited her genetic longevity and staying power.



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