Pesach Foods

Bubby told me that on Pesach whenever guests dropped by in the Old Country they would  make these matza meal pancakes. She made them for us last year.  Varnikes? I don’t remember the name.

Ok. Another food story. I should link it to a post in the main blog.

One time I came across Bubby working on a list at her dining room table. It was a list of foods that they ate on Pesach in Poland.  There were, perhaps, ten items on the list.

I think she has never quite gotten over the shtettel-shock of the multitude of Pesach products available today.  I’m not talking passover pizza bagels. I’m talking chocolate.  Orange juice.   Stuff like that.

I can’t remember if cabbage was on the list. Someone once told me it’s traditional not to eat cabbage on Pesach but Torontonians have weird ideas about kashrut.  I have a picture of that list somewhere, I believe. Or maybe even the list itself.

And who can forget Bubby’s Pesach lockshen.  What are they called? And the GEFILTE FISH.  The gefilte fish she slaved over so faithfully until the year she tasted the store bought stuff and declared it to be good enough.

Good enough? Perhaps. But not the same.


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